Ship to and from school

We’ll pick up and ship from your home to school and back again.

Whether it’s the start of the semester or summer break, we know that juggling your belongings between school and home can be stressful. That’s where ShipPlay comes in. With our competitive shipping rates, doorstep pickup and real-time tracking, getting your stuff to college has never been easier. Ship your luggage, boxes, school trunks, golf clubs, skis/snowboard, and never lift a finger.

Dorm room shipping

From personal belongings, school supplies, sports gear and more.

Jetting off to school and moving into a dorm room is an exciting time. But figuring out the logistics and cost to do so is no easy task. We make it easy to ship to and from school dorms, so all you have to do is arrive at your destination. Whether you’re bringing clothes, school supplies, or a trunk full of shoes and sporting equipment, we have you covered. Just pack your stuff and we’ll ship your belongings to your new home away from home.

Need Boxes?

Shipping kit: 5 heavy-duty boxes

Heavy-duty double wall boxes for double the protection and stacking strength.

Delivery: 3-5 business days

  • 3x medium boxes: 18L x 18W x 18D (in.)
  • 2x large boxes: 24L x 18W x 18D (in.)
  • 25 sheets of packing paper
  • 1 roll of 3M packing tape

FREE* (just pay shipping and handling)

*Only available in the United States

Click here to contact us for international inquiries.

Order shipping kit

Ship what you need and more

We'll be able to handle it all, to campus and back home again.

Ship boxes

Simply pack what you need for school in a sturdy box and we’ll send it directly from your home to your dorm and back home again. We'll handle your boxes with care and deliver them on time wherever you need them. You’ll always be at ease when shipping with the experts. Please refer to the bottom of the page for a list of items to avoid shipping.

Ship boxes

Ship luggage

Travel without the hassle by shipping your luggage to your dorm. Between upcoming reading assignments and exams, we know you have enough to worry about as a student. So why not travel without the hassle and allow our white glove service to pick up your luggage and deliver it to your school. Don’t deal with checking-in your bags at the airport counter or waiting for them at baggage claim. Save time and money when you ship your luggage ahead.

Ship luggage

Ship school trunks

Moving your bulky school trunk to college is undoubtedly a chore. Sure, they give you extra space for more stuff, but dragging them around the airport is more difficult than a Calculus test. Make your trip to college stress-free when you use ShipPlay to handle your school trunks. All you have to do is tape a label to the top of your trunk and our service will take care of the rest.

Ship school trunks

You can’t ship these prohibited items

Items include but are not limited to Alcohol, Drugs, Jewelry, Electronics, Hazardous Materials, Pressurized Containers or Aerosols, Firearms/Ammunition, etc.For a full list of prohibited items please visit

Need school or camp shipping solutions? Ship to school or back home and don't waste time at the airport counter or baggage carousel.

Ship to and from school